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About Me

My name is Michale Giovanni I’m a freelance web developer and graphic designer. I specialize in Creative Consultation and Creative Support.

I enjoy working with passionate people and sharing what I’ve learned with them.

I’m extremely passionate about web development and design in all it’s forms and helping small businesses and artisans build and improve their online presence.

“I love doing this stuff!”


This website is my window to the world where you can find more about me and then get in touch for a chat about potential projects.


  • Residence: Memphis, Tennessee
  • Country USA
  • Freelance: Available
My Services
Web Development

Michale-Giovanni.com provides expert webdesign that strategically focuses on developing beautiful, professional websites that yield results and serve as a truly professional online presence for growing businesses.

Music Composition

With 20 plus years experience I can provide Music Editing, Writing, Mastering, Arranging and Composition services.

Web Marketing

Advertising services include television, radio, print, mail, and web apps.

Logo and Animated Logo Design

I can design you a Static Logo for your brand or take an existing Logo and create a animated version for your brand.

$ 195 Full Package
  • 1-2 page Wordpress
  • or HTML
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Contact Form
  • Standard Delivery 7 Days
  • 3 Day delivery (+$150) new
  • Includes:• Content Upload• Responsive Design• Design Customization• 2 Pages• 4 Plug ins/Extensions •1 Revision
$ 445 Full Package
  • 4-6 Page Design
  • Standard Wordpress Theme
  • News Letter / Contact Form
  • Google Map Integration
  • Standard Delivery 10 Days
  • 5 Day Delivery (+$275) new
  • • Content Upload• Responsive Design• Design Customization• 6 Pages• 10 Plug ins/Extensions• 3 Revisions
$ 775 Full Package
  • 8-12 Page Design
  • E-Commerce if Needed
  • Premium Wordpress Theme
  • Newsletter / Contact Form
  • Google Intergration
  • 15 Day Delivery
  • 7 Day Delivery (+$350) new
  • • Content Upload• Responsive Design• E-Commerce Functionality• Design Customization• 10 Pages• 10 Plug ins/Extensions Installation• 5 Revisions
Logo Design
$ 50 Basic
  • Black and White new
  • Full Color new
Animated Logo
$ 150 Basic
  • Sound Effects included new
  • Background Music new
Fun Facts
4 Albums Released
5 Awards Won
10,000 Cups Of Coffee
15 States Visited
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2005 - Present
Web Developer
Web Designer/ Graphics Designer

I am responsible for developing and managing website content and design as well as branding. Also create brand presence on print and social media.

2017 - 2019
Apple Inc.

I help create the energy and excitement around Apple products, providing the right solutions and getting products into customers' hands. I understood that the Apple Store is dedicated to delivering a customer experience that's unlike any other.

2007 - 2017
Apple Inc.

As an Apple Creative, my main role is that of instructor, whether guiding small groups to learn the basics or helping individuals complete projects.

1991 - 1993
Alabama State University
Montgomery Alabama

Associate's Degree in Music Industry & Sound Engineering

Online Web Courses

I learned Javascript(JS), Angular Javascript(A), and Python. Through these Web Courses I learned the core of my craft.

My Skills
  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Photoshop
  • Music Composition
  • WordPress
  • Angular / JavaScript
  • HTML / CSS
Recent Works
Tubbles Boutique
Branding, Logo Design, Web Design
The Bottom Supper Club
Branding, Web Design
Memphis Soul 901
Branding, Logo Design, Web Design
PrickMe Wear Co.
Branding, Logo Design
Branding, Logo Design
Jess Puckett
Branding, Web Design
Branding, Web Design
Branding, Logo Design, Web Design
Live Aloha JD
Branding, Logo Design, Web Design
Wian Radio
Web Design
Smart Monkey Music
Branding, Music, Video, Web Design
Sikk N Sexy
Branding, Web Design
Sac n Soles
iAmPeace Co.
MG Shoe Design
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  • Address: Memphis, TN 38103
  • Email: michale@michale-giovanni.com
  • Phone: 901-207-8886
  • Web Developer: Available M-F 10am - 5pm CST
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